The Races of Elysium

There are nine playable races of Elysium, each with their own starting city and history. Choose what you feel might fit you best.


Humans are the newest introduction to the land, but due to their persistant nature, they have already caught up with the other civilised races, maybe even exceeded them. Quite pompous beings, they regard all other races with little trust or liking, and are very materialistic. This also makes them very ambitious. (Humans attract players who like to be a jack of all trades). Hometown: Karinthia.


Elves are a very ancient race, who tend to look down on all other races as children. All Elves are tall, thin beings, with large ears and slanting eyes. They seem more graceful than humans, and far more intelligent somehow. They are fearless warriors, and are particularly well known for their archery. Elves keep themselves to themselves where ever possible, and are highly religious creatures, with the belief that they are blessed by the gods. (Elves attract those who wish to play a character which is interested in the mystical and magical side of life, aswell as those wishing to excel as Rangers). Hometown: Tylorus.


A typical dwarf stands only about a metre tall, yet looks a good deal older than the humans who tower over him. Their fashion is for long bushy beards, some of which are so long they need to be plaited and wrapped around their waists like belts. They are not so fond of over-hasty people, preferring to take life steadily and calmly. Dwarves are well known for their craftmanship, and spend much of their time drinking ale and telling tales of heroic deeds. Sometimes quick to anger if slighted by an ill-mannered human, they are not averse to teaching some manners. (Dwarves attract those who wish to play creative characters). Hometown: Gralthar.


Orcs are disgusting, filthy creatures with vile habits to match. They delight in the pain of others, even weaker members of their own race. They are squat, ugly brutes, shorter than humans, but taller than goblins. Orcs infest everywhere, although they prefer dark underground regions. Orcs are well known for their gigantic armies which have many a time laid waste to villages of all the other races. (Orcs attract those who want to play rather chaotic and warrior-like characters). Hometown: Ruk'tan.


Smaller than Orcs, but just as disgusting, Goblins are crude humanoids that are found causing trouble in many lands. They are ugly, greeny-brown skinned beings, about a metre tall, typically dressed in ragged furs, hides and scraps of armour. They are well known for their thieves, which says alot about their societies. (Goblins attract people who wish to play selfish characters, such as thieves). Hometown: Vagla.

The Spawn

The Spawn are demons who have been bound to Elysium within mortal bodies. They came about during the rise of Gralnak, the Great Worm, and soon took Lopath, city of the Centaurs - destroying the entire Centaur race within a few days. (The Spawn are for those players who have an intense hatred of all other races, and who follow the path of chaos). Hometown: Szagan.


A head higher than a man, as strong as a Hill Giant but even more aggressive, a Cyclops may be found at the heart of many battles. When encountered away from the clamour of the battlefield, a Cyclops will usually be living a solitary existence, hunting animals in the forests and razing nearby villages for loot. (Cyclops are for those players who wish to play mainly out of groups, playing warrior characters). Hometown: Olbaron.


In the centuries past, they ruled the world with an iron fist. No-one takes a Specter lightly. Before their imprisonment, when they were called the Hakarren, they had outposts all over the realm. Known for their superior magic, the Specters are now living within their fortress to the north. Specters do not have much in the way of a physical form, making it difficult for their people to fight hand to hand with great effect. The Specters have always used the cutting edge in technology for their weapons, something which accounted for most of their victories. (Specters are for players who wish to play arrogant characters, and also wish to be into the magical arts. Conquering is the name of the game for the Specters, to rebuild the lost empire). Hometown: Thul'mar.


The Hamakei are the second oldest race in the known realm, being beaten only by the Elves. The Hamakei have never been interested in expanding their lands and have spent their entire existance researching into the realms of magic. If it were not for the Hamakei, many doubt that the other races would have magic at all! Therefore, most magic-users have a lot of respect for the Hamakei. Hamakei are on average about 5 feet tall and look like vultures, and from their time of birth they look like they're already half way through their life. The Hamakei are a peaceful race, although few dare attack the one remaining habitat for the Hamakei - since you never know what a Hamakei might have ready... (The Hamakei are for those who wish to play quiet characters, concentrating heavily upon the magical arts). Hometown: Aronsol.