The Guilds of Elysium

Guilds within Elysium are a collection of people who are interested in similar arts - whether they be thievery or sorcery, crafting or fighting. Each guild offers a group of three skills that are relevant to the guild. There is one guildhead that runs the guild, if they are inactive, there are NPC guild tutors that can let you in the guild and provide an opportunity for promotion. Higher ranks in guilds allow you to learn higher abilities in the skills that are available to you.

Forest Guardians

The Forest Guardians are a group of adventurers in Elysium dedicated to the preservation and protection of the land's forests and the creatures who inhabit them. It is a peaceful Guild, focused on assisting others and protecting the land, rather than on personal or professional gain.

Dark Magi

Cloaked in darkness and mystery, the Dark Magi has existed since magic's creation. Their powers come from all things dark and evil, and very few enter the guild that do not agree with evil's precepts. None but the most dedicated and devoted intiates are accepted, and even then only few gain the power to control the greatest magics. Not a guild for the faint at heart.

Night Weavers

Founded by Dezrah and originally patroned by Delvanea, Goddess of Shadows before her banishment, the Night Weavers lends allegiance to immortals of less sterling character rather than those devoted solely to the magical arts. Based near Thul'Mar, the guild believes in teaching superiority through mastering the living mind, the dead soul and through using the most deadly weapon known to mortals - Delvanea's chosen weapon, the fellblade. Whilst traditionally the Night Weavers is an iniquitous guild, members have joined from many backgrounds to seek knowledge and to serve the guild. Quick witted, insidious and deadly; the Night Weaver can be a formidable enemy, or a loyal ally.

Knight's Guild

With a flowing cloak and a flashing sword the Knight's path is one of honour and glory. Defender of the weak and defenceless, keepers of law and order, a Knight must be pure of heart to survive. This path is not an easy one, courage in no small measure is needed to charge into the thick of battle, but the comradeship and the thanks of those you protect more than make up for the danger. The Knights accept noone that does not embrace honour and goodness in their soul.

Rogue's Guild

Within the dark underworld of Elysium a secret society exists. An elite group of bandits, outcasts, religious leaders, political figures, people from all walks of life known only as The Rogues performs their dark tasks. Learning how to kill is the primary study of this sect. The elite few that are admitted to the ranks of this guild learn how to poison people with herbs and toxins, break bones, defend themselves unarmed, relieve others of burdensome inventory, and break into shops, along with scores of other skills. Not only does this guild train skills, but it also trains you how to use them and emphasises political and religious activity, as well as the art of blaming someone else. Shrouded in secrecy, this guild is by invitation only... should the Rascal see fit to admit you, consider yourself among the fortunate.

Devotees of the Arcane

Complete and utter mastery of magic is the goal of the Devotees of the Arcane. All members spend all their energies into furthering their studies of all types and varieties of magical skills. The guild does not allow it's members to wear armor or carry mundane weaponry, beleiving that it's members should need only their magic to survive. Members are encouraged to learn forms of magic other than those taught by the guild, and to bring back their teachings for the guild's further glory. The Devotees accept members of all alignments and persuasions, though neutrality is preferred.

Sorcerors of Light


Artisan's Guild


Mercenary's Guild


Demonic Knights

The Guild of Demonic Knights is shrouded in mystery. Many belive that it is an evil guild, and any who associate with demons have their souls consumed by them, but there are many legends of 'good' people who have been members of the Guild of Demonic Knights. The Knights believe in honour above all else, and that any who do not follow the code should be treated no differently than the dogs they are. The way of life is difficult, but the rewards are beyond expectation. The Knight's base city is Szagan, and you will find their teacher there.

Enchanters of Shadow

Shrouded in mystery and intrigue, The Enchanters of Shadow prove themselves worthy opponents with a vast array of curses in their arsenal. They take deep pride in that skill, and each member must take an oath never to allow an outsider to learn it. Should you seek a less exciting life, all members are endowed with the power to enchant rings which may then be sold for a tidy profit. The Enchanters are also given the ability to channel energy for their own purposes, be it to heal themselves, kill a foe, or open a portal to somewhere far away. All alignments are allowed, should you consider yourself worthy of joining our ranks, then contact us, as we give all applicants due consideration. We're waiting for you...

Thieves Guild

Within the darkened, shadowed alleyways of Elysium lurk those who are even darker still. Hidden within the shadows themselves, silently observing much of what goes on the Thieves Guild exists. Relieving those who have too much of a burden weighing them down, the Thieves within Elysium garner much from their skills and trade. Seeking a profit, yet remaining loyal to the guild's codes the Thieves Guild is small in number. The guildhead remains anonymous, yet seeks those who have the ability to perform the tasks at hand, and still remain true to the guild. If you feel you have these qualities and the guildhead is in agreement then perform those tasks which would lead you to be noticed, and you may become one of the few to enter into their ranks.

Warrior's Guild

None available

Alchemist's Guild

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Bard's Guild

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