The largest continent is located in the southern seas of Elysium. Being home to four cities and the central location of the continent make it the most popular destination.


The war kissed continent of Orien is located in the northeastern seas of Elysium. Home to two cities, Orien once housed the might Hakarren empire and many remnants of it's golden age can still be found.


Located in the northwestern seas of Elysium, Occid is home to three cities. From its ice clad mountains, to its extensive cave systems, down to the sweeping swamp lands; there is something for every adventurer here.

Outer Islands

These smaller land masses are located away from the main continents and require a ship to reach. With the dangers of sea monsters and pirates, those courageous enough to attempt the journey will discover mysteries and adventure on the high seas.


This realm is the home of The Creator's first children the demons and in as many ways as diverse as the realm of Elysium. Gateways to various dimensions of Hades are opened by different means and travel within the realm to an Elysiumite may be hazardous.

Otherworldly Areas

There are other areas exist beyond the mortal realm and Hades. While some are relatively easy to reach through a little exploration, there are others that can only be reached by other means. Be prepared to take some time to figure out the secrets of each location.