Date Type Description
    2017-08-31FeatureStarted work on a text equivalent of the 'view' command on ships,,
    2017-08-30FeatureDeveloped a layout plan and created a room skeleton for a sub-section of Haven,,
    2017-08-30BalancePrevented generic NPCs not following an AI pattern from entering water rooms when randomly moving,,
    2017-08-30CodefixContinued work on a system for identifying variables which are reaching potentially dangerous values,,
    2017-08-29FeatureAdded a system to suppress citizen chats for a few seconds after a previous chat to reduce spamminess in rooms with multiple NPC citizens,,
    2017-08-29Bug FixFixed a typo with a Filidhism ability,,
    2017-08-28Bug FixCorrected some display issues with barbers and servant bells,,
    2017-08-27BalanceAmended the effects of several god commands,,
    2017-08-27Bug FixCorrected a value associated with a god command,,
    2017-08-26BalanceAdded a wide range of negative effects to the list of ailments cured by death for novice players,,
    2017-08-26CodefixAdded crash tracing to the effects of an item which has caused some recent crashes,,
    2017-08-26Bug FixFixed an issue where non-player items could have armour values recreated by an item,,
    2017-08-25BalanceAmended incinerate to reduce the lifespan of campfires and only destroying small ones rather than destroying them all,,
    2017-08-25Bug FixFixed the 'change list' command,,
    2017-08-25Bug FixFixed a broken link in the Place of Shadows,,
    2017-08-25FeatureAdded a system to randomly move race quest items if they remain in the same room for a number of weeks without being handled by a player,,
    2017-08-25CodefixChanged the couriers to use the standard item removal function rather than its own process,,
    2017-08-23FeatureAdded some messages to the yellow-sphered staff to make it clearer when it was having an effect,,
    2017-08-23FeatureAdded some variables relating to an additional planned Academy side quest,,
    2017-08-23Bug FixFixed a broken exit in the Place of Shadows,,