• Main Cities

    • Karinthia
    • Tylorus
    • Aronsol
    • Szagan
  • Areas of Interest

    • Flesh Citadel
    • Ketarin
    • Old Graveyard
    • Forgotten Dragon's Lair
    • Skye Treehouse
    • Lakebank Village
    • Spawn Outpost
    • Centaur Digsite
    • Hexamole Caves
    • Gypsy Camp
    • Telebus Inn
    • Riverspring


The eastern part of Polaris is made up of grasslands and marshes, giving way to the Tylorean Forests to the south. In the centre of the continent, a large lake dominates the south, whilst the Aronsolian deserts contrast this to the north. The west of the continent is barren wasteland, much of it salt flats which once were shallow seas. There are four main cities on this continent: Karinthia on the east coast, Tylorus along the southern coast, near the center surrounded by desert is Aronsol, and the far east is Szagan.